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Java Internship – March 2018

Step inside our Cluj-Napoca Office and learn the ropes on what being a Java Programmer is all about. Develop your first app in 4 weeks while you collaborate with ... Read more

February 5, 2018

The Perl Conference in Amsterdam

Last year Cluj Napoca was the lucky host of YAPC::EU 2016, more than 300 Perl Mongers came down, took in the transylvanian vibe and enjoyed all things Perl. It ... Read more

September 14, 2017

Open Day 2017

STEP INSIDE EVOZON: we’re opening our doors Come meet us on March 17th, 2017!   We love spring for oh, so many reasons, but an old favourite of ours is ... Read more

March 6, 2017

Coding at the NASA Hackathon

Not so long ago, in a galaxy far from being away, a team of 6 people took it upon themselves to solve problems for drones, drone enthusiasts and drone ... Read more

April 29, 2016