Movium Pre-employment React-Native

Job Description

Curious how it’s like to work on a mobility-oriented project? Get ready for a React Native training!

Movium is a mobility team of around 25 colleagues that like to challenge their technical capabilities and have fun while at it.

We are looking for people with basic knowledge in React Native who want to go through an extensive process of learning and development that ends with long-term employment.

The learning process takes place full hand on Movium project, and will be guided by mentors, members of the team.


  • basic knowledge in React or React Native;
  • the desire to work on an internal product where you can implement your own new ideas;

Tip: Share your own projects with us when you apply. They represent a great advantage in the selection process. So, feel free to share your GitHub or other places where we can see what you enjoy working on with us.

Apply here.


If you didn’t find the job you were looking for, but would like for us to keep in touch for the future send us your LinkedIn URL.