August 2017

We’re going live in 3 days, we need performance testing!

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Performance testing is usually something you plan and do over time. You create a set of scripts and you run them throughout different phases of the project. You compare the results and create some reports which will show if the overall performance of the application has increased or decreased. There could be situations where this

November 2016

Measuring performance with JMeter

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With the continuous growth of the number of services available online and a majority of potential clients or users opting for an online approach to those services, having a well optimised web application which can support a large number of concurrent users is a must these days. Failing to do so will substantially cut revenue

Introducing Evozon Information Security Division and what we can do for you

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What do you think about when you hear the word “hacker”? Most likely the image of a lone guy in a dark hoodie, typing away rapidly in a dimly lit room while bright green symbols appear on his computer screen, ended up crossing your mind. Truth is, most hackers don’t fit into this stereotype. And

October 2016

Selenium, a testing industry standard

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Selenium WebDriver has become the most used test automation library, slowly growing into an industry standard. The ease of integration with different tools, flexibility to write test in a preferred language, made the adoption of selenium, a recipe for successful web test automation projects. We have been using Selenium with Java, since 2011, developing all

August 2016


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Nowadays web applications are more and more sophisticated and projects cannot afford long manual testing cycle. Because of applications complexity, record and play testing tools are not sufficient. These tools produce scripts that are time consuming for maintaining them each time the applications changes. For this reason we try to use tools and techniques that

March 2012

Evozon Sponsors “Bring QA together”!

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Evozon Systems is happy to support the attendance of some our QA guys to the Romanian Testing Community Kick-Off Conference, on March 7th. The first QA conference in Cluj is hosting 3 international speakers.  The focus of the conference will be on knowledge sharing and will enable participants to find the latest news in the

September 2011

Alpha Testers Needed for a WP7 Game!

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Evozon Systems is in need of 12 alpha testers for a Windows Phone 7 game we are developing. Get an exclusive preview of what the game is all about by volunteering as an alpha tester! To apply, please send your CV to amalia.pomian@evozon.com until July 20th 2011, along with a description of things you like and