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July 2018

Romanian IT&C Outsourcing Market

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When you think of Romania, not that most people think of it very often, the words Transylvania and probably Dracula come to mind. But the age of Bram Stoker has passed and nowadays Romania is also recognized for its IT&C industry, as an attractive location for outsourcing and software development. Eastern Europe as a

September 2016

Why our customers keep coming back home (and not only for Christmas)

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Product Manager, Business Analyst, Product Owner...the list of fancy job titles can be extensive. At Evozon, we feel the title says too little about the job itself. And since the attributions are ever changing, why not let people define their own role?As business analysts/product managers, we are ultimately responsible for the direction and time to market

Creating the Africa Fantasy Environment

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This month was spent creating a new environment. We chose an African theme, based on the savanna. Vlad made a few concept sketches but eventually we settled on the one below: Taking into consideration what I learned when making the Cyberpunk Alley, I tried to have more variation and exploration from the block-out stage. Since

April 2012

March 2012

More Mojolicious + Bootstrap Awesomeness

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As Joel Berger wrote in a previous post both Mojolicious and Bootstrap from Twitter are awesome frameworks. I have created a boilerplate in order to have a starting point for web application development and put it on github. On the first page of the repository there are mentioned some of the features and things this

February 2012

Chickens Can’t Fly Launched Today!

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We are proud to announce that after a long time in development, Chickens Can't Fly has officially launched on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace TODAY!. The mobile games team inside Evozon has been working on this game for more than 1 year, and after finishing the game and successfully passing certification in October last year,

Interview: Catalin Zima-Zegreanu, Lead Developer, Amused Sloth

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Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Catalin Zima-Zegreanu, Lead Developer at Amused Sloth. At CES 2012, Microsoft announced their new promotion for Windows Phone games called Must Have Games, and Amused Sloth developed Chicken Can’t Fly to be part of it.  As one of the few developers developing exclusively for the Windows 7 platform we needed to find out more

We love Weekends, we love Startups but, most of all, we love Startup Weekend Cluj!

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  17th - 19th February 2012International School of Cluj, 2A Baisoara St.Cluj Napoca Besides the fact that we love their initiative, we also support Startup Weekend Cluj, Evozon being a Gold sponsor of the intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business

November 2011

Perl geek team building. The beginning

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So our Perl department decided to move to the woods for a weekend and code along with wolves and bears. Brilliant idea, because they got the chance to learn and party and talk about the tastiest technical stuff (cookies, of course :D). To elaborate a bit on the techy stuff the guys did: first, they