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March 2012

More Mojolicious + Bootstrap Awesomeness

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As Joel Berger wrote in a previous post both Mojolicious and Bootstrap from Twitter are awesome frameworks. I have created a boilerplate in order to have a starting point for web application development and put it on github. On the first page of the repository there are mentioned some of the features and things this

February 2012

New Event in Town: Cluj.PM launches on March 2nd, 2012!

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Save the date! Evozon Systems is pleased to invite you to the first Cluj.PM official Tech Talk. Guest Speakers: Matt. S. Trout & Chisel Wright - Perl experts and highly involved in the development of Perl communities. Main Topics: Perl, Mostly Lazy DBIx::Class Testing, Mojolicious - The Duct Tape of the Web, Building a Perl

November 2011

Perl geek team building. The beginning

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So our Perl department decided to move to the woods for a weekend and code along with wolves and bears. Brilliant idea, because they got the chance to learn and party and talk about the tastiest technical stuff (cookies, of course :D). To elaborate a bit on the techy stuff the guys did: first, they