June 2017

Gorescript so far

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It all started in March 2017, amidst the rumours of Steam, the largest games digital distribution platform, closing their Greenlight program and replacing it with an unknown yet submission fee. The time was right to launch our Greenlight campaign for Gorescript, a classic shooter, inspired by the 90s first person shooter games, such as Doom

February 2017

3D Cyberpunk Alley Environment

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A while back, I’ve worked on creating a new environment: a piece of city in which various characters will be placed. We’ve decided on making an alley just off a main street, at night. My goal was to capture the feel of a shady bar, where crooks and outlaws go to have a drink and

November 2016

Trick-or-Treat your bugs!

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We’re Amused Sloth and we recently released our newest needle to the haystack called mobile games, in the form of Disco Dave (iOS/Android). The game was well received by both Apple and Google and we got to 500.000 downloads in the first month which was enough to make us proud and boost our egos a bit.

July 2016

About Combat System Design

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Designing a combat system is always something that seems easy in theory, but it gets complicated in practice. There are many causes for this, starting from the lowest level of individual attacks up to the high level aspects of purpose and balancing of all the available tools and enemies. This article deals with some advice,

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