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March 2017

When Global Consciousness makes sense in Living Experience (LX) and User Experience (UX)

March 30th, 2017|Categories: Community, UX, Written by our colleagues|Tags: , , , |

  by Vlad Tirla This article was originally published here.   Let’s define first the context.   The Global Consciousness Project is a project launched 18 years ago by Dr. Roger Nelson, retired professor from Princeton University. The initial scope was to plant some devices (“eggs”, as they called them) around the globe in order to produce random data of 0 and 1. These devices produces 100 random data per second and the expectations were around a 50/50 balance in between the numbers. If it’s random, it should be random, but considering the huge amount of data generated, the thoughts

NET Core: lighter, cross-platform and open-source

March 23rd, 2017|Categories: .Net, Technical, Written by our colleagues|Tags: , , , , , , |

We were used with Microsoft as being against open-source and using ‘vendor lock-in’ practices. In the past, in order to do development you needed Windows and Visual Studio which were not cheap at all. For hosting, IIS was necessary, which, of course, required Windows. In the last years it seems that Microsoft executives have been trying to redeem themselves by pushing for open-source, cross-platform and free development environments. Based on GitHub Latest Statistics, Microsoft is the organization with the most open source contributors, outperforming organizations like Facebook or Google. .NET Core is not just a continuation of ASP.NET 4.6, it

And we’re off! The annual PHP pre-employment training has begun

March 20th, 2017|Categories: Community, PHP, Technical|Tags: , |

One month after we launched the Open Call, our selected trainees are finally here for day #1 of the PHP pre-employment training. Over the course of the next 10 weeks they will participate in a wide range of activities: tech presentations, team projects, individual assignments and soft skill trainings. The training sessions are designed to give them a 360° view of PHP development processes with a practical approach. Our new colleagues will learn, work with and implement design principles, best practices, design patterns, environment tools, custom models and custom core functionalities. Evozon’s PHP pre-employment training also offers trainees the chance to

Some frequent usability mistakes we’ve encountered on websites

March 16th, 2017|Categories: UX, Written by our colleagues|Tags: , , |

By Andreea Popescu Originally published here.   Each of us goes on various websites almost each day, either for entertainment or for various needs. In many cases, however, some of us face various obstacles and problems on websites, and these might render our experience unpleasant or difficult, due to usability-related aspects of the websites and their functionality. In the following list, several of the most widely encountered usability issues are presented, with examples and explanations for their sources, and eventual ways of solving them: When we fill in a form, the mandatory fields have to be marked using an asterisk, or

Perl Case Study: Mobile Platform Build System

March 15th, 2017|Categories: Community, Perl, Technical, Written by our colleagues|Tags: , , |

This is a case study about a project we did in Perl for one of our customers, ST-Ericsson, a global wireless platform and semiconductor supplier to top mobile device manufacturers.     The challenge The customer needed a system to handle building of executable units for mobile platform software products. This system had to fit to the software modules structure and to their interdependencies and also to have the ability to build a certain set of items on different toolchains (compilers). The system needed to interface compilers, "make" programs, configuration management (CM) systems and debuggers. Also the business model included

Learning Perl from a Java Perspective

March 8th, 2017|Categories: Java, Perl, Technical, Written by our colleagues|Tags: , , , |

Duke is a Java developer with 5 years of experience. One day, Duke got curious and wanted to learn something about a language called Perl. Duke has a friend, Larry. Larry is a Perl developer for quite some time now. He’s an experienced developer, he know multiple languages, including Java. He played around with it in his college days. Duke has a sit down with his friend Larry to begin his initiation in the land of Perl. They start from the basics. Larry tells Duke all about the basic Perl 5 data types, Perl 5 special variables and building web