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We have comprehensive expertise in coding OO Perl and have done for many years . Of our strong team of over 300 developers in Cluj-Napoca Romania, over 50 are full-time Perl coders that have in-depth experience in developing Perl.  They really get beneath its potential, and love delivering on a challenge. Our deep Perl knowledge comes as much from experience as from passion. Four of our Perl freaks are pictured above and they could not imagine coding in anything other than Perl – they are masters of other languages too.

Evozon has core strengths in writing custom applications using a wide range of frameworks.  These technologies include: mod_perl, Mason, Catalyst, Moose, DBIx::Class and Class::DBI with MySQL or PostgreSQL all architected in a high availability and scalable model with the best practices one would expect. Our dedicated teams are ready to build applications from scratch, add new functionalities to an already built application or rewrite an existing one. This way, we make sure our customers are always satisfied with our work, building thus a trustworthy and respect-based business relationship.

Evozon also supports Perl by sponsoring and participating to YAPC Europe, London Perl Workshop, QA Hackathons and having in-depth insights into CPAN and contributing to it. Evozon is also actively involved in the development of the Perl Community here in Cluj. We were the organizers of the first Cluj Perl Mongers technical meeting and went on with organizing several more. As a community, we feel deeply honored that great guest speakers accepted our invitations to attend a Perl Mongers meeting. We must mention here Matt S. Trout, Mark Keating, Chisel Wright, Sawyer or Ribasushi who delighted the audience with their technical presentations and community talks.